Saturday, 30 April 2011

Let me just come out and say it...

Hi there internets.

I'm not going to try and pull any wool over your eyes with this one. I am flat out, honestly, no-bullshit, down-the-line, full-frontal-nudity, in-your-face, begging on the internet.

I don't see any shame in it. Hell, in all fairness, I personally think it's flat-out awesome for someone to be honestly begging on the internet.

The way I'm doing it. I don't need to sit on any street corners, getting pissed on, spat on, sworn at. I don't have to put in the half-arsed effort of making a shitty sign for you to read to provokes some kind of a response in you, and nobody is lying to anyone. If you don't want to donate, you don't have to. If you choose to, the relative page will be displayed telling you I'm grateful. Everybody wins.

Basically, the reason I've come to this is that I was sat here looking at ways of getting hold of a Digital SLR for little or no money. 

As you can imagine, I found some pretty weird shit. Lot's of offers from people/companies providing me ways of getting free stuff for simply doing some 'free trial' stuff, and then referring friends, loads of mobile phone contracts providing free gifts if you choose to take out their really expensive and timely contracts. But nothing that gave me the genuine opportunity to get something for nothing. So I figured, fuck it, I'm going to make my own opportunity to get something for nothing. 

And here we are. This is my page telling you what I want. In return, hoping that you will see the humour in it enough to click on my custom-designed little donate button, and chuck me some 'spare change'. The joy of PayPal is that you can choose how much money you want to throw my way. You can donate 0.01p, or if you feel like being Mr/Ms. Flash, you can donate me £1,000,000.00. It's up to you really. The possibilities are endless.

The really bad thing would obviously be if I went to all the effort of making the page, and then, making the icon, and then, thinking of some witty title for the page, and then deciding to type up some bullshit, and then finally, post it online, only for you to look at it, think 'piss off you jippo'. That would be a total waste of my time. 

Anyway, here goes nothing. Who knows, in time, I might start offering digital favours for my digital begging. Let's just see whether or not this takes off shall we?

The overall goal of this venture is to eventually have enough cash donated in order to buy my own Digital SLR, even a basic model, just so I can start doing a bit of photography. I've taken a few pictures with an SLR in the past. Look.

In my view (as I am a cocky-shit), I think I have rather a good eye for a bit of photography and would love to explore this a little further.

I hereby promise, vow, that if, when I have enough as a result of my begging skills, to purchase myself a lovely little Digital SLR, and when I do, if you have chucked me some change, I shall endeavour to use said camera to perform photo-capture for whatever purpose you deem an appropriate form of repayment for your donation. Obviously providing the subject being photo-captured is willing, and the situation is that of moral and legal legitimacy.

With that in mind. Please do, spare some change. 

Much love :)

Donate here. Thank you Kindly

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  1. Add the "Let me get money from adds" button. It'll help your quest.